Colon cleaning company sues WordPress to try and deny reality

I’m writing this in English so it has maximum impact and reaches as many people as possible.

The company name is Zenyth Pharmaceuticals

Their main brand and product is ColonHelp.

This is their Facebook page:

Please tell them what freedom of speech means to you.

The Story

Last year in July I wrote a damning article related to a colon cleansing product released by a local company.

The scientific data supporting the benefits of these products is small to non-existent and I have documented this in several articles concluding that mucoid plaque is simply a side-effect of colon cleansing products. This is the consensus of all my sources.

Although web links will not be available, you can read my original articles in the links below (helpfully translated by the company suing WordPress). There are 4 actual articles they only translated three. Hope the below formatting is ok and clear

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