Colon cleaning company sues WordPress to try and deny reality

I’m writing this in English so it has maximum impact and reaches as many people as possible.

The company name is Zenyth Pharmaceuticals

Their main brand and product is ColonHelp.

This is their Facebook page:

Please tell them what freedom of speech means to you.

The Story

Last year in July I wrote a damning article related to a colon cleansing product released by a local company.

The scientific data supporting the benefits of these products is small to non-existent and I have documented this in several articles concluding that mucoid plaque is simply a side-effect of colon cleansing products. This is the consensus of all my sources.

Although web links will not be available, you can read my original articles in the links below (helpfully translated by the company suing WordPress). There are 4 actual articles they only translated three. Hope the below formatting is ok and clear

Original post in English          Original post in Romanian

Follow up in English                Follow up in Romanian

Second followup in English    Actual second followup (not translated)

aa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa       The  final post in Romanian

That brings us closer to today, but let me back up and explain the issues to those that have not read the pdf’s above.

The producers of the colon cleansing product mentioned in the posts contacted me a while ago (in the comments) claiming that I have damaged their reputation and should pay 100.000 euro for that damage. This was followed by me writing another post in which I explained why it’s generally a bad idea to sue people criticizing your company as it can only bring negative visibility.

Some friends were supportive and posted articles further detailing how the product is deceitful woo. They were also attacked with lawyer tactics and changed their original posts to exclude the brand name.

Well, some more time passed and I thought everything was fine, because really, a blog should not be able to affect a million dollar business that much. Life moved on and I’ve started writing about other pseudosciences, like iridology and the local health laws which support bogus treatments like quantum medicine and floral Bach remedies.

And then, today, WordPress notified me that the company has taken legal action against them (Automatic Inc) and provided the documents that were submitted to the courts.

Going over them, this is what they are saying:

1. I am a horrible person who completely denies the fact that the product is very popular and all I want to do is ruin their reputation because they are a fantastic company with fantastic products.

2. There is no evidence for any of my claims (disregarding the amount of links available which show mountains of data)

3. WordPress should take down all the posts related to them or in case that’s not feasible, shut down the blog

4. Kittens are dying and dogs are crying because of my articles.
Let’s get this straight:

a) I’m publishing every article under anonymity.

I’m doing this to protect myself against people like this, firstly because I’m not comfortable enough with the local laws to know what and when to say without risking lawsuits.

I’m working to promote skeptical thinking and scientific inquiry. This will inevitably lead to issues with those who are hurt by actually researching the scientific basis of their claims. I do not trust the legal system enough to publish with my name available. Also I need to be careful due to my working engagements and I can’t afford to be fired because I’ve upset some spin-doctor.

b) I have provided ample opportunity for dialogue

Following the initial threats I created an email address and happily advised the company to start talking to me about their concerns. I may have been snarky and said “bring me your evidence” however dialogue was available.
Nobody wrote to me so…

c) There is a lot of evidence that colon cleanses are useless

This is just one of the new forms of pseudoscience that have reached Romania so I considered it my duty to inform the public about the problems with the product. I have quoted expert gastroenterologists that agreed that there is no use for cleaning the colon. I have provided links to scientific studies and medical websites discussing the benefits, risks and side-effects of the ingredients of the product.

I also made a mistake

I wrote an email to the company saying I’m available to discuss changing my articles if they drop the suit against Automatic Inc (the owners of WordPress). This was initially composed to be saved as draft and sent if my attorney agreed, however, I clicked the wrong button. Fuck me, right?

I’ve been told this is a big mistake as it suggests I’m admitting guilt (which i’m not) however the harm is done.

Thing is, I’m not a bad guy

The articles are not here to make me money, I’m not writing due to being paid by competitors. I’m writing simply to help others understand that not everything that is being sold and marketed is necessarily good and healthy for them. I’m happy to say that my articles are viewed as well documented, well written and shared extensively on social networks.

My coworkers like me, I call my mom regularly, my soon-to-be-wife cuddles next to me in the evening, my cat is purring like a BMW, I am not evil.

I have no pleasure in having my articles and my blog be accused of malevolence, deceitfulness and outright lying (it’s all in the lawsuit papers). I am spending huge amounts of time away from fiancee and cat to write well documented articles and the only reward are the comments saying I did a good job.

I understand that stupendous claims must be made in order to be taken seriously by the courts (and honestly, read my articles above, I can just imagine judges bursting with laughter) but this is painting me in a light that is wrong.

That’s why I sent that email, to show that bridges are still there and a friendly agreement can be reached. Stupid idealists, let’s crush them with lawsuits!

I’m sure some innocent people are working for this company and they couldn’t care less if what I say is true or not.Accountants, drivers, support staff, cleaning people, everyone has a job. I may think (and may have proven) the company is selling a useless product but at least it’s paying people to work there. It’s a crisis, people need jobs, am I really ruining a functional company? So thinking about that, I sent an email.

However, I’m not waiting on a response anymore.

The lawsuit papers.


Word of warning, it’s mostly articles in RO and EN (which you have above) but there’s also the official request for the takedown order in RO and EN

What do I want?

Right now I simply want it to be known that a company is trying to shut down a well-regarded blog for simply stating facts. Or let’s put it another way, fact-based opinions. Screw people having the right to express their opinions!

They are claiming that I have affected their sales and brand image even though hundreds of thousands of people have used their products due to massive advertising campaigns. They have made 7 Million $ revenue in one year (as per documents submitted to the court)

I want people to know that colon cleanses are a baseless, fact-less, silly product that is marginally helpful in limited cases and potentially dangerous if instructions are not followed.

The company name is Zenyth Pharmaceuticals

Their main brand and product is ColonHelp.

Their Facebook page is here:

Please tell everyone on the internet what they are doing. They are making a shit(ing) product and get upset when somebody calls it what it is.


A pharmaceutical company promoting bogus products threatens anonymous blogger who exposed them with lawsuit. Fails because blogger is anonymous. Sues WordPress to get the blog down. Will hopefully fail.

In other news, pencil company gets sued because someone writes angry letters using pencils. Bookstore gets sued because offending books are being sold inside it. Cats and dogs live together.


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